Meghan Markle does not leave the house without a single cosmetic!

Meghan Markle admits less and less what cosmetics she uses every day. But now we have managed to find out that she is not parting with one product. It turns out that it is a moisturizing and regenerating lip balm! In addition, this miracle can already be bought in Poland!

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Meghan Markle’s favorite lipstick

As an actress, Meghan Markle has tested hundreds of cosmetics, especially makeup. However, she has never become a fan of strong make-up, she has always preferred a more delicate look. “I remember applying red lipstick on it once. Although she looked beautiful, she did not feel comfortable wearing her, ”admits makeup artist Daniel Martin in People magazine. Every day, Meghan does not actually wear makeup, and since she left England with Prince Harry, she has less and less makeup opportunities, so she enjoys being casual and natural. But she can’t give up on one cosmetic. This is Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment lip balm by Fresh.

I’ve tried every type of lip balm, but this one is the best … I swear.

Fresh lotion

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Meghan uses it on a daily basis, but also before every big exit. Thanks to him, her lips are always soft, delicate and smooth, and there is no question of chapping.

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Sugar Lip Advanced Therapy anti-aging lotion by Fresh can be purchased at Sephora perfumeries for PLN 129. There is also a slightly colored version, which gives the lips a slightly pinkish shade. Although the price is high, it lasts for a very long time. And its action is confirmed by Meghan Markle herself, so it’s definitely worth being tempted!

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