Meghan Markle fell to Jennifer Aniston. Why?

Meghan Markle was quite a hit with Jennifer Aniston. The tabloid has no doubt that Harry’s wife has stepped on the imprint of a Hollywood star.

While Meghan Markle recently gave birth to a daughter, whom she and Harry gave the lovely names Lilibet Diana, the tabloids do not cease to draw sensational stories with a young mother in the lead role. This time the magazine reports that she has put herself at risk Jennifer Aniston and thus fell into her influential friends. What happened?

Meghan Markle fell to Jennifer Aniston. Why?

New Idea announced that Meghan Markle was aimed at Brad Pitt. It was while she was still not as famous as she is today, and the actor was still married to Aniston. The informant told the magazine:

At a time when Brad was divorcing Jennifer Aniston and although Angelina Jolie was already on the stage at the time, Meghan openly confessed that she would like to be the next Mrs. Pitt.

The name Markle was not widely known at the time, and the informer speculates in the tabloid that as Harry’s wife, she would eventually have a chance with Pitt – but he does not explain how this would affect the star’s interest in an actress known mainly from In suits. But it wouldn’t be without competition. According to Jennifer magazine, Aniston recently renewed her relationship with Brad.

Jen followed the whole saga of Meg marrying a prince and promising them everything, the royal family, only to abandon them later, heard Meghan having plans to pick up her future husband, so she was suspicious of the actress who had become princess.

The informant adds that not only the reports that Meghan has a sore on Brad Pitt angered Aniston. It turns out that she and her colleagues in the industry also had concerns that Markle would get engagements just because she is a duchess.

Admit it yourself, there was no such information yet that Meghan was going to pick up a famous actor, being Harry’s wife, and her husband would be a bait …

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