Meghan Markle: Harry’s Big Dumpling at Lilibet’s Birth!

Prince Harry made a very big dumpling at the birth of his daughter Lilibet! Meghan Markle’s companion does as he pleases.

Not long ago, the British daily  The Daily Mirror revealed the birth certificate of Lilibet, the daughter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. We then discover the huge dumpling of the latter!


As you probably know, Meghan Markle recently gave birth to her second child with Prince Harry. On June 4, 2021, little Lilibet was born.

Since then, the exiles of the British royal family have lived on a cloud. And they don’t plan to get off anytime soon! They take full advantage of their sunshine.

Nothing seems to be able to disturb their nascent stability! But the son of Charles of Wales must still meet his obligations … Not long ago, he left his home to join his family in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, he will attend the inauguration of the statue of Lady Diana which will take place on July 1st. Besides, his father will not show up there.

He still does not want to cross his son with whom the link seems totally broken. Nothing goes between the two men. They continue to wage war on each other!

Prince Charles recently declared that he would refuse to grant the status of the prince to Archie who will then not be able to claim the throne. Yes, you did hear it.

And this announcement does not pass to the father of the child. Since then, he has been around the media to push his father down and question the education he gave him.

However, the one who shares the life of the beautiful Meghan Markle himself made a big mistake at the birth of his daughter Lilibet



While Prince Harry has just left for the United Kingdom to attend the unveiling of his mother’s statue, a famous British daily has made a very big revelation.

The  Daily Mirror has therefore unveiled the birth certificate of her daughter Lilibet! Yes, you did hear it. And we then discover the huge ball of the one who shares the life of Meghan Markle.

On the famous document, we can therefore read the notion  “His Royal Highness”  (His Royal Highness in French), while he no longer has this status.

As you probably know, the couple has therefore made the decision to no longer be senior members of the British royal family.

In February 2021, he thus lost all of his royal titles and patronages. As a result, Prince Harry can no longer sign a document by entering “His Royal Highness”.

Is it a simple oversight on his part? Did Queen Elizabeth II exceptionally authorize him to use this title? Or is it a way to provoke the royal family?

For the moment, no one has given an answer to these questions yet. But with Prince Charles’ recent comments regarding Archie, the latter option seems the most obvious.


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