Meghan Markle has fallen into Spotify! Bosses are losing patience

Meghan Markleand Prince Harry, after resigning from being members of the British royal family, began to live on their own. The couple known all over the world were constantly engaged in new contracts. They even set up the Archwell Foundation to provide meals to people in countries hit by natural disasters.

This is not the end, however. Over a year ago, they signed a promising contract with Spotify. Unfortunately, the couple recorded only one podcast in a year, and it was only a 30-minute long podcast. While the audience was definitely waiting for more, nothing came of it. The platform bosses admit that they are losing their patience.

The weekly “The Sun” reports that Spotify has already informed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that they are not satisfied with the cooperation. If the princely couple decide not to record more material, they will be forced to break the contract.

The matter is definitely stirred up by the fact that both Meghan and Harry had time for other professional obligations and forgot about the contract. Meghan appeared on the famous Ellen DeGeneres talk show, and Prince Harry made an appearance on actor Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert”.

In addition, in “The Sun” we read that the delay in creating content for users may be due to the fact that both Meghan and Harry simply do not know about it. Nevertheless, according to specialists, if they have signed a contract, I have to comply with it. They may face serious consequences.

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