Meghan Markle has more muscular shoulders than ever: following this 20-minute program achieves the same result

Before becoming the wife of the most coveted prince on the planet, Meghan Markle was a Hollywood actress known for her sex appeal and her dream figure. When she lived in Los Angeles, her healthy life was punctuated by the sport, a balanced diet and time to relax. Although she has adopted the title of Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry’s wife is nonetheless faithful to her sporting habits.

At each public appearance, the crowned mother of two adorable children poster an athletic silhouette hinting at countless hours of muscle building. His muscular shoulders contribute to reinforce the flare of her bust from the waist and thus reinforce the wasp waist appearance. Courtney Blacksports coach, revealed to the DailyMail an exclusive 20-minute workout routine to get the same arms and shoulders as Meghan Markle. Spotlight on this circuit to be carried out indoors or at home when you have the equipment.

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This 20-minute circuit allows you to have the same musculature of the shoulders and arms as Meghan Markle

On the poster of this program: 2 minutes of warm-up, the realization of circuit 1 (1 minute per exercise and 30 seconds of recovery) then the realization of circuit 2 (20 seconds per exercise then 5 seconds of recovery) and finally 2 minutes to stretch.

Route 1:

  • Pumps : a classic push-up consists of using your body weight by lifting it with your hands flat on the ground and with the strength of your upper body muscles. It involves lowering your body to the ground by bending your elbows, then raising it by pushing on your arms.
  • Biceps curl (with dumbbells, machine or bar) : dumbbells in hands, this exercise consists in bringing the hands towards the shoulders. The dumbbells allow an external rotation which puts more strain on the inner short portion of the biceps. This exercise can also be done with a machine or a barbell.
  • Bar pull-up, bent over (with bar or elastic) : to perform this exercise the back must be straight and almost parallel to the ground. Then raise the bar towards the sternum keeping the elbows tight against the body. Then, we go back down while controlling.
  • Incline bench press : on a bench set at 45°, with your back resting on the backrest, feet spread apart and placed on the ground to stabilize the pelvis, grab a bar outside that you place above your head, arms outstretched . Then, we descend towards the upper part of the pectorals by directing the elbows towards the ground. Then, we go back to the initial position.
  • renegade row : in a push-up position, dumbbells in hand, keep one arm straight and bend the other arm, bringing the load up and down the rib cage. We lower the dumbbell to the ground, we change sides and we repeat the movement. The important thing is to alternate the arms throughout the duration of the series, keeping the bust well sheathed.
  • Hammer curl to lateral raise : standing, in a stable position, back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands in neutral grip on a dumbbell, raise your arms horizontally so as to be parallel to the ground.
  • Row two dumbbells : dumbbells in hands, knees bent and back bent, it is a question of lifting the dumbbells by pulling the elbows both back and as high as possible. We remember to keep the elbows close to the torso and we take care not to solicit the forearms.
  • Seated Overhead Triceps Extension : starting position seated on a bench, back straight, dumbbell in hand in “hammer” position and arm stretched above the head, lower the dumbbell behind the head, keeping the elbow pointing downwards ceiling (vertical arm), as low as possible and without hitting the neck. We raise the dumbbell above the head, then we start the exercise again.
  • walk out pumps : the Walk Out is a variation of the plank, where you “walk” on your hands to a plank position and then do a push-up.

Route 2:

  • burpees : a burpee begins in a standing position, feet hip-width apart. The first movement to perform will be the squat. Once the squat is done, you stay in position to put your hands on the ground, facing your feet to embark on the next movement: the plank. We come back to a squat and then we straighten up.
  • mountain climbers : Mountain climbers is an exercise for the abdominals which consists of doing knee lifts in a plank position with outstretched arms.
  • Star Jumps : start in a quarter squat, jump in the air by spreading and stretching both arms and legs without touching the ground. You then land in a tight squat position.
  • burpees mountain climbers : in the starting position, standing, feet together, arms stretched above the head, one squats by placing the hands on the ground and throwing the legs back to arrive at the plank position. Then we go up the knees alternately, one then the other. We end up getting up with a small jump, then we repeat the movement.
  • Punch scissor jacks : standing we come to jump by advancing one leg in front then the other. Using the arms, we perform “punches” forward by alternating the arms.

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