Meghan Markle has serious problems. She promised the foundation millions, but did not pay them

Meghan Markle is again under the fire of the media. Some time ago, Prince Harry’s wife promised to donate $ 3 million to an elephant saving foundation. It turns out, however, that the money has not been transferred to the organization’s account until today.

Meghan Markle is one of the most controversial figures of the British royal family. Prince Harry’s wife became famous again – this time in connection with the money she was to donate to the foundation. Meghan Markle willingly participates in charity actions and it was supposed to be so in this case as well. The Duchess and Former Actress gave her voice in the 2020 Disney documentary “Elephants”.

The money earned by being a production narrator, $ 3 million, was to be donated to elephant conservation, which is handled by the Botswana Elephants Without Borders Foundation. Unfortunately, it turns out that the organization has not received the promised support so far. Why?

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Meghan Markle under fire from the media. The foundation did not get any money from it?

The news that the money probably did not go to the charity’s account was given by the royal biographer Angela Levin. The salary, he says, flowed into Meghan Markle and not – as planned – into Botswana Elephants Without Borders.

– Disney has promised $ 3 million will go to a charity that will make Meghan Markle the narrator of the documentary. The producer said the amount went to the Duchess of Sussex and it looks like the charity did not receive the amount – we read in Levin’s Twitter post.

Meghan Markle has not commented on these reports yet. Disney Nature does not comment on the matter either.

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