Meghan Markle: her secret plan to make a resounding media comeback revealed

New perspectives. Meghan Markle has struggled for years against the media coverage of her life. Saturday August 19, the tabloid Page Six revealed that those days were now over. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex operates a radical change in its way of apprehending its notoriety. To celebrate her 42nd birthday (August 4), the former star of Suits went to a cinema in Santa Barbara with friends, including Australian-American actress Portia De Rossi, to see the film Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig. An innocuous but unprecedented outing for the one who has been fleeing the paparazzi since her American exile. But that’s not all.

On August 4, the media based across the Atlantic revealed that the American star had intend to do his big comeback on Instagram – social network that she had left shortly after meeting Prince Harry -, as @meghan. In the columns of the newspaper, a source revealed about this new way of life: “Meghan does not seek to provoke opportunities to be photographed, but she has understood that she has to live her life with the cameras trained on her.” And to continue to justify this choice: “(She and Prince Harry) know they will never have privacy.”

Another amazing outing, on August 8, Meghan Markle was among the approximately 70,000 spectators and other stars – among them were notably Selena Gomez or Emma Stone – who came to attend the concert of Taylor Swift at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. From now on, there is no longer any question that the one who played Rachelle Zayn from 2011 to 2017 in the hit series remains prostrate.

Put your notoriety to good use

To take advantage of this perpetual media coverage, the one who married the second son of King Charles III on May 19, 2018 would even have thought of reopen his lifestyle blog titled The Tig. Opened in 2014, and abandoned in 2017, the webpage listed stories and other advice from the actress. As of last March, the Sun had revealed that the Duchess was in the middle of an administrative procedure to register a trademark and resume writing your online journalto perhaps compete with Goop, the one held by Gwyneth Paltrow?

“Meghan really likes being famous”

If the Duke of Sussex has never liked living in the spotlight, “Meghan really likes being famous”, reported the source, before concluding: “Harry has made it clear that he never wanted to be in the media…he would be very happy to leave. I think he would like to move to Botswana,” this country so dear to his heart.

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