Meghan Markle IGNORED the flowers from her father! He sent her birthday wishes

Thomas Markle
Author: Channel 5 / Ferrari Press / East News

Meghan Markle turned forty this week. The Duchess could count on wishes from fans around the world and the royal family. It turns out that her father did not forget about her daughter’s holiday, too, who sent her a bouquet of flowers that day. Meghan, however, clearly does not feel like reconciliation. She completely ignored his gesture!

Relation Meghan Markle with her father is one of the most difficult issues in her new life. After the Duchess severed contact with him just before marrying Prince Harry, she has not fixed it until now. Thomas Markle instead, he is a regular guest in the media and talks about how much he would like to meet his grandchildren. Recently, he even threatened to go to court.

Meghan Markle’s father goes to court! Thomas Markle will fight to see his grandchildren

This week Meghan Markle she didn’t have time to think about her father. The Duchess celebrated her fortieth birthday and – if you believe the media – organized a lavish party for over sixty people, organized by the greatest event specialist in Hollywood. It turns out, however, that he remembered his daughter Thomas Markle.


Thomas Markle and Meghan Markle without progress

Thomas Markle he told TMZ that he had sent his daughter a bouquet of flowers and birthday greetings to celebrate her birthday. However, he did not receive any answer – it seems that Meghan ignored his gesture. However, this should not come as a surprise, because Meghan has not given him any hope of reconciliation for years and clearly does not want to keep in touch with him. It is telling that Thomas has not yet met his grandchildren and it is unlikely that he will have such an opportunity.

Do you think Meghan should give him a chance?

Meghan Markle recorded a funny video on an important matter. And in the background prince H is JUGGING …

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