Meghan Markle impressed with her beige “look”, but she copied it. Princess Kate looked like this in May. And even better!

There has long been talk of the conflict between Princess Kate and Meghan Markle. The ladies were not to like each other, and the wife of Prince William reportedly brought the chosen one of Prince Harry to tears just before the wedding. Apparently, their relations have improved a bit now, and they have reconciled themselves some time ago. They did it to improve the relationship of the royal family members, which you can read about here: Meghan Markle and Princess Kate “are closer than ever”. They were also supposed to be connected by the birth of Meghan and Harry’s daughter, Lilibet.

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Meghan and Harry revealed the secrets of the royal family

Meghan Markle in the same styling as Princess Kate

After the birth of her child, Markle withdrew a bit from public life, but has been appearing at official events for several days. Each time her stylizations arouse interest. We have already written about the black set or the autumn set. Now, however, her attention was drawn to the beige-caramel outfit in which she appeared on September 25.

Meghan Markle and Prince HarryMeghan and Harry take care of the planet? They just say so. “Fuck them hypocrites!”

It’s almost identical to the one Kate starred in back in May. Both had a longer coat and trousers with a higher waist and wide legs. They also chose high heels. What’s more, even the hairstyles were similar – Meghan arranged her hair into a bun, and Kate brushed it back and tied it up.

Does Meghan want to show Kate that she is a model for her and does not want to continue living with her at odds? It is not known what was the reason for such a choice of styling. Current trends? However, in our opinion, it was probably not a coincidence, because photos of Prince William’s wife hit the network some time ago. Do you have any theories?

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