Meghan Markle in an important speech. The watch caught our attention

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ambassadors of Vax Live. Last weekend they took part in the charity concert “Global Citizen’s Vax Live: The Concert To Reunite The World”. The purpose of this event was to encourage people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Meghan Markle: 5.5 million women lost their jobs in the US

Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson gave a speech in which he emphasized that the whole world must join forces to act together and overcome the pandemic. Due to her advanced pregnancy, Meghan Markle did not appear in person at the event, but recorded a few-minute-long film for the audience. “Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 5.5 million women have lost their jobs in the US, and 47 million women worldwide are likely to fall into extreme poverty,” she said.


Prince Harry’s wife stressed that it is extremely important that the vaccines are distributed fairly and reach every country. The Mirror notes that Meghan Markle put on a watch that belonged to Princess Diana during the speech.

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