Meghan Markle injured Duchess Camilla. She stole all of her media attention during an important speech

Meghan Markle has made the royal family dissatisfied many times. Her accusations against members of the monarchy were repeated by media around the world. They still follow her every move, although she left Great Britain with Prince Harry. That was what was going to upset Princess Camilla. Everything Meghan Markle does is widely commented on. As a result, it takes away the attention of other important matters, as also happened in this case.

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Meghan Markle at a meeting with students

Meghan Markle hurt Princess Camilla

It is known for a long time that Meghan Markle does not have too many supporters among the members of the royal family. The media recalled an event from last year, which resulted in the fact that she lost another ally. So far, rather favorable to her, Duchess Camilla changed her opinion about the daughter-in-law of Prince Charles. All because of the media attention focused entirely on Prince Harry’s wife.

The Duchess of Cornwall gave an important speech at one of the organized meetings. She spoke about domestic violence, which is especially close to her heart as she works in organizations that help victims of aggression. In this way, she also wanted to popularize her charity work in this area. She was counting on publications in the media on such a socially important topic. However, nothing went as planned.

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At the same time that Duchess Camilla was speaking, Meghan Markle decided to post her photos of the theater on Instagram. The frames immediately overshadowed what Prince Charles’ wife performed. This move made the beloved Prince Harry “steal the headlines”. This was supposed to leave the Duchess of Cornwall “very upset and sad”. There is no record of her speech as the main event. Markle’s new photos turned out to be more important for the press. It is not known whether it was a deliberate procedure, but the fact is that the wife of Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson alienated her husband’s stepmother.

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