Meghan Markle is already in an advanced pregnancy. Delivery is near? There is also Archie

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are already parents of Archie, who was born in May 2019. On February 14, a spokesman for the princely couple reported to the media that the Duchess of Sussex was pregnant again. Now Meghan is counting down the days to giving birth.

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Meghan Markle in advanced pregnancy

Meghan Markle was recently caught by paparazzi carrying her son in her arms. She also had his lunch box, so they were probably coming home from kindergarten. In the photo, we also pay attention to the belly, which is already quite large. The delivery is therefore fast approaching.

Recall that Harry’s wife has not recently appeared at the funeral of Prince Philip because the doctor forbade her to fly in the car during an advanced pregnancy. However, there were numerous speculations that Meghan did not want to meet with the royal family. Some say she just didn’t want to attract attention during such an important family celebration.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex live off the media

Let us remind you that Mehan and Harry made quite a controversial decision over a year ago. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to leave the royal family and live away from Britain. They explained their decision by the fact that they had long wanted to take a break from court etiquette and raise their son away from the media. It turns out that they are doing great, because there is no point in looking for pictures of little Archie in the media.

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