Meghan Markle is back what “The Suits”? He is to demand a fortune for the role

Meghan Markle returns to acting? Media reports that he may reappear on the set of the series “Suits”. However, the money it requires can scare producers away. Despite this, experts believe that it would be a profitable investment.

Meghan Markle nowadays it is usually associated with the “black sheep” British royal familywho together with her husband Prince Harry wages an almost open war with the entourage of Queen Elizabeth II. The princely couple from the very beginning did not follow the official protocol, they were assessed as the most modern and “relaxed” members of the monarchy, many people resented it. Ultimately, the spouses decided to resign from their official position and moved to the United States. Moreover, they harshly criticized the life in the palace, which was supposed to bring them to the end of their mental endurance.

The huge scandal related to Meghan and Harry sparked a discussion about the further fate of the princely couple. Both can’t complain about the media and advertisers’ interest, but Markle is much better off. Even before marrying the prince, she was an actress very popular in the USA. Her role in “Ząnie jak miłość” with Ashton Kutcher and “Your forever” with Robert Pattinson. However, her most important creation was the character of Rachel Zane in the series “Suits” (in the Polish version “In suits”). She was one of the biggest production stars, but retired from the cast in 2017.

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle returns to the cast of “Suits”? The Duchess demands a huge salary

In an interview with the BBC, Meghan Markle did not hide that she was very proud of her role in “Suits” and gave up her acting career in order to marry Prince Harry.

– It was really exciting, we are talking about my career and my role in this series. The reasons for leaving the show are very important to me, now I will have even more energy. I see it as a change, this is a new chapter. I worked on this show for 7 years, it was a very long time for me and when we got to episode 100, I thought I had already signed into the show and I am really proud of the work I was doing there, but now is the time to work as a team with Harry – she said.

After Markle returned to the United States, information appeared that the Duchess wanted to return to the activity that gave her so much satisfaction. In 2020, “New Idea” reported that Meghan could return to the cast of “Suits”. The problem is that it is to demand a deterrent gains of $ 36 million. Although experts are of the opinion that her return could make the production one of the world’s leading series, it has still not been decided to accept the conditions of the duchess.

Would you like to see Markle again in “Suits”?

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