Meghan Markle is mired! Palace staff revealed something shocking about Prince Harry’s wife!

Meghan Markle stormed the royal family and gained international fame. Although she was already a recognizable actress, it was only her marriage with Harry that made her a real star.

It soon turned out that the 39-year-olds were out of the way with the court etiquette, which forbade her many things. Eventually she achieved her goal and, together with her husband, they relinquished their princely duties and left the family.

Then there was the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, which shook not only Great Britain.

Now it turns out that Prince William sensed from the beginning that Markle was having a bad influence on his brother and would lead to his undoing.

Although in the media Meghan looks like a nice, helpful and empathetic person, he is actually supposed to be the devil incarnate.

At least, this is how the Palace employees who dealt with her describe it …

“She’s not as cute as she looks,” said Palace employees, court biographer Penny Junor.

The journalist reported everything in an ITV document that focused on the dispute between the brothers.

Penny Junior directly admitted that people working with Meghan told shocking stories about her, because in their opinion she is simply a “bad woman”.

“I was terrified of the Opry interview. Such claims should not be made public. These are things that should be happening in peace on the psychotherapist’s couch. Someone close to William told me that William felt from the very beginning that Meghan had a wicked plan.” – confessed the journalist.

Apparently, Prince William himself was fed up with her behavior at one point, and when he found out about how she treated her employees, he fell into a rage!

“But look how this fucking woman treated my staff – ruthless!” – the journalist revealed in the program.


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