Meghan Markle is the hero of another scandal. The question is, where did the 3 million promised by the foundation go?

Meghan Markle tries to please the public and boasts of her participation in various charity activities. Meanwhile, her aid activity was under the scrutiny.

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Meghan Markle did not donate the promised money to a charity?

Meghan Markle in 2020 decided to donate $ 3 million to Botswana Elephants Without Borders. It is an organization dedicated to the protection of the rare elephant population in Botswana, which is the target of poachers. Meghan Markle promised the foundation the money to earn from a movie produced by Disney Nature.

Everything was closely related. The duchess became the narrator of the Disney documentary “Elephants”. For her work, she demanded $ 3 million to donate to the Botswana Elephants Without Borders organization. The producer of the film transferred Meghan the agreed amount. Foundation employees thanked the Duchess on the official Facebook profile.

Only the last element was missing – the foundation has not received any money so far.

A Twitter post from royal biographer Angela Levin revealed that the money did not go to BEWB:

Disney has promised $ 3 million will be donated to a charity for Meghan Markle being the narrator of their documentary. The producer said this amount went to the Duchess of Sussex, but it looks like the charity did not receive this amount.

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Angela Levin, who openly criticizes Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry, asked directly on Twitter what happened to the money. However, the Duchess of Sussex has not yet addressed the matter.

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