Meghan Markle lied in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. It was kicked in by a friend from years ago. “I want to be the second princess Diana”

In the now famous interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex vowed that when she began dating the prince, she had little knowledge of his family. These words were meant to explain that she had unknowingly entered a royal world to which she had never wanted to belong. In addition, she wanted to prove that, as an American actress, she was not prepared for the duties and restrictions that apply to royals.

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Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey will shock the royal family? Secret wedding, second child’s gender and racism accusations

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Meghan Markle lied in an interview with Oprah Winfrey

Meghan’s assurances have been questioned more than once, as it seems unlikely that anyone would not know the story of Princess Diana and her marital adventures with Prince Charles, against which there were stories about the principles of the British court. Now, however, there is irrefutable evidence of Meghan Markle’s lies – these are the words of her childhood friend. British biographer Lady Colin Campbell found out. In a book written one year before the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Nikki Priddy’s words about the character of a future duchess and how they spent time together when they were friends were quoted.

The description of a joint trip to Europe attracts attention. Nikki’s parents went on a family trip to the Old Continent and invited their daughter’s best friend to accompany them. Nikki and Meghan were 15 at the time.

Nikki was so infatuated with Paris that she spent the next summer at the Sorbonne, but Meghan was more impressed by London. They stayed at a hotel near Kensington Palace and naturally visited Buckingham Palace, with the friends taking the obligatory photo with it.

After this departure, Nikki remembered that Meghan was fascinated by the royal family. He also mentions that they watched the coverage of Princess Diana’s funeral together. She believes that her friend has become overly interested in Harry and William’s mother.

On its shelf was a biography of Princess Diana. (…) Meghan’s obsession grew to such an extent that, along with another friend, Suzy Ardakani, they acquired old recordings of the wedding of Diana and Prince Charles in 1981. Not only that, they decided to follow in the footsteps of the queen of human hearts and organized a collection of clothes and toys for children from the poorest families.

The above quotes come from the book “Meghan and Harry. A True Story” by Lady Colin Campbell, translated by Edyta Świerczyńska, which will soon be published by the Kobiecy Publishing House. In the UK, the publication premiered in July 2020. It was not the author’s intention to discredit Meghan’s words – the Duchess of Sussex clearly denies the facts. As revealed by her childhood friend, the actress dreamed of living in Buckingham Palace as a teenager.

She loved the films from the “Princess Diaries” series about the adventures of a commoner who enters the royal family. This motif made a strong impression on her imagination. Meghan wants to be the second Princess Diana.

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As it turned out years later, the American girl’s dream came true. Unfortunately, the iced image of the royal life turned out to be illusory, and the burden of duties and limitations related to everyday life in the palace did not appeal to the adult dreamer.

The book “Meghan and Harry. A True Story” by Lady Colin Campbell, translated by Edyta Świerczyńska, will be published by the Women’s Publishing House. The premiere is on September 29.

'Meghan and Harry.  A True Story 'Lady Colin Campbell, Women's Publishing House‘Meghan and Harry. A True Story ‘Lady Colin Campbell, Women’s Publishing House has. presses.

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