Meghan Markle lied in an interview with Oprah Winfrey?

The interview that Oprah Winfrey conducted with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shocked the whole world. The spouses accused, among others, the royal family of repeating lies about them and that Markle even had thoughts of suicide through their behavior.

Meghan Markle obsessed with the royal family?

In an interview with Winfrey, the prince’s wife assured her that she knew little about life in the royal family and was not prepared for the obligations and limitations that awaited her. Meanwhile, the British biographer and author of the book “Meghan and Harry. A true story, ”Lady Colin Campbell found her friend from high school actress Nikki Priddy. The girl’s parents took her and Markle on a trip to Europe, during which Meghan was to fall in love with London.

It is said that since then, Prince Harry’s future wife has become obsessed with the royal family. “On its shelf was a biography of Princess Diana. Meghan’s obsession grew to such an extent that, together with another friend, they acquired old recordings from the wedding of Diana and Prince Charles in 1981 “ Priddy was saying. In her opinion, Markle wanted and still wants to become the second Diana. Lady Colin Campbell claims that her aim was not to discredit the princess, but to show the true story and face of Prince Harry’s wife.

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