Meghan Markle may be sued for intimidating Buckingham Palace employees. “People have been silent too long”

Meghan Markle has become recognizable all over the world since she became involved with Prince Harry. The beginnings of her life in the royal family were not the easiest ones, as the interested person herself spoke about many times. She complained the most during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which she accused members of the royal family of even racism. Meghan and Harry live in the United States from March 2020, away from the manor. But the past from the Palace came back again.

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Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey will shock the royal family? Secret wedding, gender of the second child and accusations of racism

Meghan Markle may be sued for intimidating Buckingham Palace employees

It has been said for a long time that it was hard to work with Meghan Markle. Now more facts are coming to light, which certainly clash with Meghan’s image of a victim of the royal family. Jason Knauf, adviser to Duchess Kate and Prince William, in an interview with the Times of London admitted that Meghan was unable to cope with emotions in the Palace from the very beginning and reacted to her employees.

I am very concerned that the Duchess has been able to intimidate two former associates at the Royal Palace over the past year. The way she treated them was absolutely unacceptable. The Duchess of Sussex seems to be anxious to always have someone in the crosshairs. He intimidates person X and tries to undermine his confidence at all costs. We have received further reports from people who witnessed unacceptable behavior towards the victim – revealed Knauf.

Meghan Markle and Prince HarryHarry and Meghan did not plan to move to the US. They were to take a completely different direction

The website’s informants point out that Meghan’s behavior could have resulted from the desire to impress members of the royal family at all costs. The fact that many things did not go according to her plan, unfortunately, had an impact on the employees. The British press adds that Meghan should be preparing for many lawsuits from former associates, and this is because more and more stories incriminating her are appearing.

Many people got involved in this case. People were silent for too long, and there is much to talk about – we read in “The Mirror”.

Do you think Meghan has something to be afraid of?

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