Meghan Markle played Jennifer Aniston on the nerves. The actress of “Friends” believes that Meghan is two-faced

Before Meghan Markle got married, she tried to appear in show business with Prince Harry. She managed to get the role of an assistant in the popular series “In suits”, which tells about the adventures of a group of lawyers. As an emerging actress, she wanted to sparkle with famous and popular stars. It turned out that she had sharpened her claws on Brad Pitt, which jeopardized Jennifer Aniston.

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Jennifer Aniston does not like Meghan Markle

When Markle started her career in show business, she dreamed of meeting Brad Pitt. The actor did not complain about the lack of interest from women, but was associated with Aniston. Their relationship fell apart when Angelina Jolie stepped in and blew his mind enough that the actor divorced Jennifer. As reported by “New Idea”, Meghan wanted to become the next Mrs. Pitt, which was to upset the actress of “Friends”.

By the time Brad was divorcing Jennifer Aniston and dating Angelina Jolie, Meghan was already on the stage. She openly admitted that she would like to be the next Mrs. Pitt, we read.

It was rumored that Meghan Markle was very desperate to meet a wealthy man with whom she would be able to create a relationship. Her matchmaker was Meghan’s friends who arranged her with popular people. They decided to meet her with Prince Harry. Apparently, Jennifer heard about Meghan’s plans to entrap him by accident, and from then on she lost any confidence in her.

Jen followed the whole saga of Meg marrying a prince and promising them – the royal family – everything, only to abandon them later. She heard Meghan had plans to pick up her future husband, so she was suspicious of the actress who became a duchess, reports a tabloid informant.

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I must admit that most of the shocking reports about Meghan Markle are rumors bogged down by the finger. We don’t think Jennifer Aniston would be concerned about her career or her failing relationship with Brad – even with Meghan Markle standing in her way.

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