Meghan Markle recorded a movie. It shows what Harry does when he is alone

Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday on August 4. In a funny video, she announced that she is starting an unusual initiative and wants to continue charity work. Meghan Markle, thanks to the project with the symbolic name “40×40”, will support women who have lost their current job as a result of the pandemic.

Prince Harry’s wife points out that she will make every effort to ensure that women who have been unemployed due to the pandemic do not feel abandoned and left on their own. To help solve the problem, among others, workshops to which Meghan Markle engaged specialists.

Despite Meghan Markle’s efforts, not everyone liked the project. The initiative was ridiculed on Australian television. Journalists who ran the program “Today” indicated that this was not the kind of charity they expected from Prince Harry’s wife. Sophie Walsh said Meghan Markle would set a good example for women she is addressing through the latest initiative if she chose to return to work herself. “I love that she tries to educate people, and she made Megxit herself and quit her job after less than two years,” she said on a vision.

Although the project was related to Meghan Markle’s birthday, it was not the most famous after the publication of the recording. The show was stolen by Harry, who appeared at the very end of the recording, after the end credits. Outside the window, against which Meghan Markle spoke, unexpectedly appeared a juggling prince.

This was very much appreciated by the media, which felt that even if his performance was directed, it amused all viewers. Some websites suggest that Harry is a juggler in his spare time. It is certainly unusual entertainment.

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