Meghan Markle refused to pay tribute to Diana. The reason is easily argued

  • On July 1, 2021, Great Britain will celebrate Princess Diana’s 60th birthday. On this occasion, a monument dedicated to the tragically deceased mother of William and Harry will be unveiled. The brothers have not been in close contact with each other for a long time. The reason was supposed to be Meghan Markle
  • The Duchess of Sussex quickly divided the once related grandchildren of Elizabeth II. However, the cup of bitterness was poured out by an interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which, together with Harry, she accused the Windsors of all the worst
  • After the controversial conversation was broadcast, Meghan had two chances to look into the eyes of the queen and her relatives. She missed the funeral of Prince Philip and now declined the invitation to a feast organized in honor of Diana
  • The official reason for the cancellation of the flight to the UK is the couple’s newborn daughter, little Lilibet Diana. How is it really? Well, in the past, the Duchess had no hesitation to visit her friend overseas, leaving little Archie in the care of her father. It’s about family …
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Prince Harry and Prince William had been inseparable for years, and the unique bond they had felt seemed unbreakable. Unfortunately, time has shown that the sons of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer shared their love for the woman. When Meghan Markle appeared at the royal court, everything changed. The brothers who were once close to each other began to drift apart.

Will the brothers at odds be able to rebuild a strongly damaged relationship? It turns out that it is possible. As reported by foreign media, William and Harry will soon be attending an important event. William and Harry want to meet on July 1 at the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue in Kensington Gardens. It turns out, however, that Diana Spencer’s holiday may be overshadowed by quite a scandal. The invitation to the ceremony had just been rejected by Harry’s wife. Meghan Markle announced through a press spokesman that she would not appear in London.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan refused to come to the ceremony in honor of Princess Diana. “He’s afraid to meet the Windsor’s eyes”

Andrew Morton, royal biographer and privately a longtime friend of Princess Diana, in his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess reveals that Markle has long been fascinated by her husband’s famous mother and wanted to imitate her. According to the Duchess of Sussex’s friends from her teenage years, “she was always fascinated by the royal family and wanted to become the second princess Diana “.

– he writes in one of the passages, adding that, according to the acquaintances questioned, she was the star of the series “In Suits” cried while watching the funeral of the Princess of Wales in 1997. As a 15-year-old girl, she even traveled to London, where the famous photo in front of Buckingham Palace comes from.

About the Meghan imitates her late mother-in-law and would like to become “the modern queen of human hearts” it was said as soon as it became known that he was dating Harry. First, the focus was on her involvement in charity, and then it was noticed that the actress was starting to imitate the Princess of Wales a bit. Her gestures, looks … You could even find rumors on the Internet that she was using the same perfume as her on purpose.

Leaving the royal court changed nothing in this matter. On the contrary. When Meghan and Harry appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show, the media quickly compared their conversation to Martin Bashir’s famous interview with Diana on BBC Panorama.

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Body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail that Meghan (after all, a professional actress) was imitating not only Lady Di’s smile, but her body language as well.

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Princess Diana interviewed Martin Bashir on the BBC Panorama program in 1995.

In the lives of both Harry and William, the memory of the deceased mother is extremely important, as their wives know very well. Both brothers not only cherish her legacy by remembering her accomplishments and heart of hearts, but also by continuing her charity work. There is no doubt that Diana’s sons would not have been so open to other people and their problems had it not been for Lady Di’s sensitivity.

The memory of the deceased mother can also be seen in the symbolic gestures of the brothers. William’s only daughter was named after the famous grandmother and great-grandmother – the princess is called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Harry also made a similar gesture, but together with Meghan he went a step further, giving the child names – Lilibet Diana.

The Sussexs have been emphasizing for several weeks that Diana’s spirit watches over them.

Prince Harry, while talking to Oprah Winfrey, revealed that the Windsors had distanced themselves from him after he and his wife announced they would withdraw from the royal court. He then confessed that the deals they made with Netflix and Spotify “were never part of the plan” when they parted with the monarchy. They only started working with media giants when they were financially cut off from their family, though they initially relied on what Princess Diana had left Harry in inheritance.

Meghan and Harry regularly say that they have lots of photos of Diana at home and tell Archie about her. Such a confession seems “normal” and “ordinary”. The same is done by William, who often points out that his children have two grandmothers – Grandma Carole Middleton and Grandma Diana Spencer.

So what’s wrong with Harry? The prince got a little lost in the media coverage on this issue. In the program “The Me You Can’t See” he confessed:

In an interview with James Corden on the “Late Late Show” in turn said Archie’s first word was “crocodile”. There were also reports in the press about the word “hydrant”.

We have no doubts that Harry survived Diana’s tragic death very much. For him, after all, she was not just “the queen of human hearts”, but a mother. Unfortunately, however, looking at the behavior of the Sussexs, it is hard not to get the impression that this the couple selectively treat their duties towards Lady Di’s legacy, while trying to warm their image through symbolic references to the Princess of Wales.

It would be hard to find a more eloquent gesture than to reconcile with a family living in Britain on the day of the unveiling of the statue of Diana (her birthday). This, however, is unlikely to happen. We also cannot count on the meeting of little Lilibet and her parents with Elizabeth II, let alone William, Kate and their children. Instead of this we have a media conflict, a lot of resentment and disgustthat seems to be felt by more and more people reading about it.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan and Harry currently have a simple answer: the Duchess cannot come to Great Britain due to the fact that just a few weeks ago (June 4, 2021) she gave birth to Lilibet Diana. And of course this is a good and understandable reason. However, this is the second child of the Sussexs. After Archie’s birth, the couple showed to the public that the little one was okay with them. Examples? Here they are.

Do you remember Meghan’s lonely trip to the United States at the beginning of September 2019? The Duchess of Sussex then went overseas to cheer on her friend Serena Williams during the US Open. The public was surprised by this information. Archie was then less than four months old. However, he stayed in Great Britain under the care of a caring father and a nanny.

– Serena Williams said after the match.

It was first case in historywhen a member of the Windsor family decided to travel alone during her maternity leave.

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Meghan Markle accompanied by Alexis Ohanian, Oracene Price, Patrick Mouratoglou, Jill Smoller, Ishy Price, Venus Williams and Anna Wintour at the Serena Williams match during the US Open 2019

At the same time, Meghan Markle thwarted the plans of other family members with this trip. Her spontaneous departure for the US Open match coincided with the Windsor meeting at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The Sussexs, like other relatives of Elizabeth II, were invited to the estate to spend part of their vacation with the monarch. Meghan, Harry and the four-month-old Archie did not deign to appear there. The couple, however, in the same summer went on a family holiday to Ibiza, and then to Nice – to the private property of Elton John. Likewise, it was only a few months later – when the Queen invited them to Sandringham for Christmas, they decided to spend Christmas in California.

When the Sussex defenders argue that Lilibet Diana is too small to travel by plane, remember that Archie accompanied his parents on their long journeys on private planes from an early age. When he was less than three months old, he rested with them on the aforementioned holidays in Ibiza and France. Only a month later, his parents took him on an official diplomatic journey through several African countries.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

It has long been quietly said that Meghan Markle had a plan to become the wife of a famous Briton, and the romantic blind date, during which she fell in love at first sight, was thoughtful. Before the Los Angeles actress became the Duchess of Sussex and became friends with the so-called top shelf, such as Barack and Michelle Obamas, George and Amal Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey, struggled for years to get attention on America’s red carpets.

Now it has everything. Her career as a princess is inspired by the life and work of Diana Spencer. He also claims that in all the confusion with the Windsors, the queen turned out to be a miraculous woman. Nevertheless, in our opinion, she simply does not want to pay tribute to her husband’s mother and give his grandmother a chance to meet her great-granddaughter. The 95-year-old monarch who has recently lost her husband would surely like to be able to look at Harry’s offspring for a moment. After all, she hadn’t seen Archie in almost two years. Unfortunately, it seems that Meghan Markle’s courage is only great from the TV screen. When the opportunity arises to mend relations with the royal family, he is afraid to look them straight in the eye – that is our opinion on this matter. Is this the attitude worthy of the title of princess, which Meghan still uses? We leave the answer to this question for our readers.

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