Meghan Markle Reveals One of the Passions of Her Son Archie!

Meghan Markle is a fulfilled woman in short. Indeed, the young woman is happy to see her son Archie indulge in a passion …

Harry and Meghan Markle seem more than happy. Both share family moments with their two children. Especially Archie, the eldest, who seems to have new passions. Passions which then delight the Sussex wife. She also mentioned them in a recent interview.


For some time now, the Sussexes have been rather discreet. Indeed, Meghan Markle and Harry seemed absent from the radars.

If they did not reveal much about their private life, now they are expressing themselves again. The couple has had a lot to do lately.

Between the release of the Duchess’s children’s book and their other engagements, they didn’t know where to turn. And that’s not the only reason that pushes them to remain discreet.

Indeed, the former actress also gave birth to a little sister for Archie. As much to say to you that their family life is well filled in short.

The eldest sibling seems to be enjoying himself and he is now engaged in activities of his age. Something to move Meg and Harry, who see their son grow up visibly.

Thus, Archie is ecstatic in front of his new passion: books. So here he is, starting to read, especially his mother’s book.

A passion more than touching for the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Hopefully, this hobby will continue with age.


On June 8, Meghan Markle, therefore, released a new book:  The Bench. A book translated into French very soberly under the title:  Le Banc.

It is therefore a children’s book, taken from a poem that has become a story. This poem, Meg had dedicated to her Harry for Father’s Day.

This story is touching in short, because she had written it a month after the birth of her son, Archie. No wonder the latter adores it!

“Archie loves the book”, said Meghan Markle about it. “He has a voracious appetite for books and constantly asks when you finish one: ‘more, more.”

“Now, the fact that he loves The Bench and that we can say ‘mom wrote it’ is really great,” she said in her interview with  NPR.

This book is therefore a real story written by Meghan Markle. It all came from a bench, given by Harry to Harry for him to spend time with his son.

In short, a great family story: “I just wanted to offer something sentimental, and a place where he could have a kind of attachment with our son”.

A more than a commendable gesture, which must move William’s brother but also his young son. Enough to develop an adorable hobby.

There is also no doubt that the father and son will forge a real moment of complicity. Like what the small family has something to be happy about!

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