Meghan Markle ridiculed by journalists. “I’m trying to lecture people …”

Meghan Markle has always been involved in social campaigns. As a teenager, she wrote letters to then-first lady Hillary Clinton on women’s empowerment. Now she has come out with an initiative to support women who have been unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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She encouraged her famous and influential friends to devote a minimum of 40 minutes a day to community service for unemployed women seeking permanent employment. Meghan Markle’s speech was mocked on Australian breakfast show “Today”.

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Journalists had no mercy for Prince Harry’s wife. Sophie Walsh said:

Meghan Markle in the heat of criticism. It also got Harry

Journalists also did not like the fact that the Sussexs earn a lot of money without leaving home, and want to instruct others on how to look for an honest job.

On the recording published by Meghan Markle, in the background you can see Prince Harry juggling in the yard. The unusual hobby of the grandson of Elizabeth II also became a pretext for irritation towards the American.

“Why is she talking so strangely?” To use the mobilization of a woman on her return … “, please. No wonder Harry juggles outside” – laughed.

The reaction of journalists from the Today program is not surprising at all. Australia has been known for years for being quite skeptical about the Crown and the British royal family. At one time, the words of the former Australian prime minister caused a sensation Bob Hawkewho once called Queen Elizabeth II “a pig dressed in a set of twins and pearls“When asked about the independence of Australia, i.e. cutting off from Great Britain at the same time, he said:

For years, politicians have been calling for Australia to become a republic and cut off from Great Britain. Quoted by “The New York Times” Mark McKenna, historian and researcher of republicanism at the University of Sydney, said:

He is egalitarian, democratic, believes in merit before origin, status, class. But he was not able to make its constitutional decisions reflect the importance and values ​​of his society “- added the specialist.

There are many voices in Australian society that do not want to say goodbye to the monarchy. Sandy Biar, quoted by The New York Times, national director of the Australian Republic Movement, pointed out that many residents have a fondness for Elizabeth II.

They feel a strong sense of personal closeness and for the most part felt that she has held office with dignity and has managed to embody the virtues of the head of state that they would like to see” – added.

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