Meghan Markle shocked the star! She lost her baby, and now something like that!

Meghan Markle appears in the media mainly in the context of the royal family, with which she was strongly in conflict.

The British blame her for all evil and suggest that she wrapped Harry around her finger.

Leaving the royal family, moving to the States and the famous interview with Oprah poured out a cup of bitterness.

It turns out, however, that Markle spends his free time not only on “plotting”.

In the US, it is presented completely differently. Recently, her wife John Legend gave a nice card.

Chrissy Teigen recently appeared on the show “Watch What Happens Live!”, Where she talked about her relationship with Meghan.

It turns out that Meghan has established contact with her herself. Markle was touched by her drama.

Last year, Chrissy had a miscarriage in the 20th week of pregnancy. Harry’s wife felt an extraordinary closeness to her, because she had lost her child herself.

Teigen admitted that he was shocked when Markle spoke to her …

“She has been so nice to me since we made contact. She is a really wonderful person, I can confirm all the flattering opinions about her” – she said on the program.

Chrissy, moreover, did the same with Meghan. When the duchess announced that she had lost her child, some began to criticize her strongly and suggested that she was promoting a personal tragedy.

“Really, someone here is questioning the pain and terrible suffering after losing a child? Or maybe he is criticizing Meghan because she decided to write about herself in this situation? What are they and what do they bring to those who experience such a tragedy?” – at that time, the wife of Legenda was indignant.


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