Meghan Markle struggled with complexes after giving birth. Prince Harry supported her. He managed a charming gesture

Meghan Markle struggled with complexes after her first childbirth. She herself did not speak about it publicly. Her fears were told by the winner of the WellChild Awards competition, who quoted her conversation with Markle and Prince Harry.

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Meghan Markle fought with the complexes. Prince Harry supported her

In the era of social media, where we are bombarded with photos of perfectly sculpted bodies and young mothers boast about how quickly they managed to return to the pre-pregnancy form, many of us struggle with complexes. We forget that each of us is different, and recovering from pregnancy and childbirth is an individual matter. Like many young mothers, Meghan Markle had complexes after giving birth. It turns out, however, that Prince Harry supported her then. This is evidenced by an interview with a WellChild Awards participant. Ten-year-old Emmie Narayan-Nicholas from Manchester recalled a conversation with the princely couple. The girl admitted that she complimented the duchess during the exchange.

You look amazing, and you just had a baby – said the girl.

Then Prince Harry took the floor, who looked fondly at his wife and turned to her:

See, I told you.

This short exchange of views indicates that Meghan had previously shared with Harry her fears about her body, and he supported and complimented her.

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It is worth mentioning that Meghan Markle approached the issues related to returning to form after both pregnancies in a healthy way. She did not exert any pressure on her body and did not force her body.

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