Meghan Markle: this record that she has just beaten on Netflix

Before becoming the prince’s wife, Meghan Markle had a great acting career. The latter became known for her role as Rachel Zane, in the series Suits: Custom Lawyers. A series that today allows him to break a record on the Netflix streaming platform.

It was in 2016 that the love story between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry began. A story that went very quickly, because two years after their meeting, the two lovers said “yes” to each other in the chapel of Saint-Georges at Windsor Castle. Despite a marriage under the aegis of the royal family, the Sussexes made the decision in 2020 to give up their status and leave to live in the United States. A departure that created many tensions between the two spouses and the Windsors. Tensions still present today, especially after the many statements made by Meghan and Harry on the family of the latter.

Since their exile in Montecito, California, the couple has made a living, chaining projects. Currently, the Sussexes are producing the film adaptation of the novel. Meet me at the lake for the Netflix platform. Platform with which they signed a lucrative contract, with whom they have already worked on their documentary series Harry & Meghan. It is also on Netflix that Meghan Markle is currently enjoying immense success thanks to the series Suits: Bespoke Lawyerswhich is breaking records on the streaming platform.

The most watched series on Netflix

Netflix is ​​known for breaking many viewing records with each series release. Lately it’s Wednesday, worn by Jenna Ortega who broke all the records on the platform. However, Netflix also broadcasts series other than its own productions. Among them there is Suits: Bespoke Lawyerswhich has just become the most watched series on the platform with more than 3.7 billion minutes watched. A huge record for the series in which Meghan Markle plays the role of Rachel Zane. Good news for Prince Harry’s wife, who proves that she knows how to choose her projects in life.

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