Meghan Markle wanted to become WAGs, but … the footballer did not want to go on a date with her

  • Meghan Markle at the time when she was single, she really wanted to meet a man from Great Britain
  • A friend, who had a few friends in London, tried to match the American actress with her friend – a football player
  • Unfortunately, Ashley Cole wasn’t interested in dating Meghan with Markle
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Before Meghan Markle found happiness in the arms of Prince Harry, she had been looking for this true love for a long time. In fact, she stood on the wedding carpet twice. The first time she promised her love to the grave of Trevor Engelson, but their marriage fell apart, and today he doesn’t even want to hear her name.

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It turns out that Meghan Markle dreamed of meeting a man from London before she met her grandson, Elizabeth II. A friend of the American actress wanted to help her and tried to match her with a British footballer. She was close to joining the ranks of the WAGs, but footballer Ashley Cole was not interested in her.

“Meghan said she loves London and would love an English guy, so I looked through the phone to see who could match her. I tried to find her boyfriend and found Ashley Cole. He was not eager, although I wanted to convince him somehow“- Meghan Markle’s friend told the magazine” Grazia “.

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Ashley Cole

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Meghan Markle finally found love by the prince’s side

Although Meghan Markle’s love life was turbulent, the situation stabilized when she met the prince. And not the proverbial one on a white horse. Prince Harry stole the heart of the American actress, and although rumors of crises in their relationship appear regularly, there is no indication that their feelings are waning. Two years ago, on May 6, 2019, they welcomed their first child – Archie’s son.

On June 4, another great-granddaughter of Elizabeth II was born, daughter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who was named Lilibet Diana. The second name of the daughter of the Sussexs refers to the tragically deceased mother of Prince Harry, Princess Diana, while the first was given in tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth II in her childhood was called Lilibet. The nickname was due to the fact that the Queen of Great Britain, as a little girl, had trouble pronouncing her full name correctly. To make it easier to understand, she began to use the nickname “Lilibet”, which stuck to her permanently. Soon the whole family started addressing her like that.

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