Meghan Markle wants to get rid of the neighbors? I can’t believe who it is!

It is known for a long time that Meghan is very unforgiving. She once fell in love with Katy Perry, who was not delighted with the wedding creation of the duchess.

As the media noted, the singer mentioned that she could use one more fitting. At the same time, she complimented the outfit of Princess Kate. Meghan could not let go of such an insult.

Last year, the princely couple left Great Britain and settled in Montecito, Santa Barbara. Their neighbors include Katy Perry and her husband Orlando Bloom. Apparently the ladies did not like each other from the beginning, but their husbands are delighted with each other.

According to “Woman’s Day”, Harry quickly liked Bloom and is said not to mind that he lent the voice of Prince Harry in the cartoon. The grandson of Elizabeth II has a distance to himself and the fairy tale amuses him very much. Meghan, however, does not like the fact that her husband Harry does not receive the proper respect.

What’s the truth? Perhaps the aversion to neighbors is only fueled by the media. Katy Perry also stated in the pages of the same magazine that she “supports Kare as a woman”. She even added that “she loves her and wishes them both all the best.”

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