Meghan Markle was insulted on a vision. Manufacturers will not be held responsible

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview in March this year. elicited numerous comments. Among the critics of the wife of the heir to the British throne there was, among others Piers Morgan, journalist known for his frequent criticism of the actress
  • “I do not believe (…) that she went to an elderly member of the royal family and told them about suicidal thoughts, to which she heard that she would not get any help” – he doubted in one of the editions of “Good Morning Britain”. His statements met with harsh criticism from viewers, and the publisher of the breakfast box was influenced by almost 60,000. complaints to the government media agency
  • Ofcom has ruled that the publishers of “Good Morning Britain” have not breached the broadcasting code due to the journalist’s statements
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Interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with them Oprah Winfrey, was widely reported in the media. The princely couple revealed to the journalist numerous irregularities in the functioning of the British royal family, and also told about the problems they struggled with living in the vicinity of Elizabeth II’s relatives. Meghan Markle revealed, among other things, that due to numerous press attacks she had thoughts of suicide, but she did not find help at the Palace. Confessions of Harry and Meghan divided the viewers: many supported those in love in the fight for freedom, but there were also audiences who did not like the Sussex attacks on the royal family.

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Meghan Markle was insulted on the vision. The publishers of Good Morning Britain will not be held responsible

Skeptical about the conversation was, among others Piers Morgan, journalist known for his cool approach to Meghan Markle. He shared his thoughts on the vision, in one of the March issues of the “Good Morning Britain” program. After broadcasting the shocking interview, he admitted that he did not believe in the truth of the words spoken by Prince Harry’s wife.

I do not believe (…) that she went to an elderly member of the royal family and told them about suicidal thoughts, to which she heard that she would not get any help. It would be bad for the family’s reception. If that’s true, then first, those who told her so should be fired, and second, the royal family has to answer some serious questions about how they dealt with it, said Piers Morgan.

He also stressed that “suicide and mental health problems are serious matters and should be taken seriously“During the” Good Morning Britain “program he also got into a discussion with one of the guests. Presenter Alex Beresford he pointed out to Piers Morgan on a vision that he had simply taken care of Prince Harry’s wife. He said:

Journalist in response to criticism left the lunchroom studioby shouting out:

Piers Morgan’s behavior outraged many viewers, and over 50,000 complaints about the journalist’s wordsthat fell in the direction of Meghan and Harry during the program “Good Morning Britain”. A separate complaint was also to be made by Meghan herself, who did not like the criticism of her by the journalist. An investigation was also initiated in the case of the government agency Ofcom, which controls and supervises the media and telecommunications market.

Now the agency has issued a ruling on the case. In her opinion, The publishers of breakfast box did not break the broadcasting code due to the journalist’s statements. It was stressed that while Piers Morgan’s statements about suicide and mental health could be “very offensive”, the show’s publishers themselves.have made sufficient appeal to ensure adequate protection and context for viewers“.

Piers Morgan also spoke on the ruling, enjoying the progress of the investigation. In a brief statement he called Meghan Markle “Princess Pinocchio“, referring to the hero of the famous Walt Disney fairy tale about a puppet whose nose grew when it missed the truth.

“I am glad that Ofcom has endorsed my right not to believe the claims of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, many of which have turned out to be untrue. It’s a victory for freedom of speech and a loud defeat for Princess Pinocchio, who thinks we should all be forced to believe every word they say“- he ironized on Twitter.

Let us remind you that Piers Morgan terminated cooperation with ITV television shortly after the emission of the controversial issue of “Good Morning Britain”. According to the station in the statement, the journalist was supposed to terminate his job. Added:

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