Meghan Markle will deal the final blow to Queen Elizabeth II? She wasn’t ready for this …

On June 6, 2021, the second child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was born. The couple’s daughter, Lilibet Diana, was given unique names after her royal relatives.

It turns out, however, that the Sussexs are proving once again that they don’t care about British tradition and royals. As reported by foreign media, they will organize the baptism in their own way.

Although it was rumored that Meghan and Harry would come to Great Britain for the ceremony, it now turns out that they want to give up all customs. Lilibet should be baptized in a special lily-shaped bowl with holy water from the Jordan River.

The child should also wear a unique outfit – a replica of the robe that Queen Victoria ordered for her daughter in 1841.

The magazine reports that Meghan asked Elizabeth II to send her this robe so that her baptism could take place in the USA. The queen, however, refused.

“New Idea” reports that the Sussexs do not want to uphold tradition in this case and the royal family will not be invited to the ceremony at all!

It is said that Princess Kate learned about the whole plan, who is especially sad about it. For many months he has been trying to mend the relationship between William and Harry.

Of course, the Sussexs did not confirm these revelations. Do you think the royal family will not actually appear at Lilibet’s baptism?

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