Meghan Markle with Princess Diana’s favorite purse. Her stylization contained a hidden message

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrived in New York City to speak at the Global Citizen Live festival in Central Park about unequal access to vaccines. Their visit turned out not only to fulfill their obligations, but also to prepare to record a series for Netflix. When the Duke and Duchess left the party, Meghan wore a black coat over a white dress from the Valentino fashion house and a black Dior bag. The bag that Princess Diana once liked is no ordinary accessory and had a hidden message that Meghan wanted to convey to the world.

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Meghan Markle delivered a hidden message with her styling

Meghan Markle repeatedly referred to Princess Diana with her stylizations. It can be seen that Prince Harry’s wife is inspired by the actions of her late mother-in-law and faithfully reproduces her style. In New York, she paid tribute to her by choosing a handbag model that Princess Diana was particularly fond of. Harry and William’s mother received a purse from the French First Lady in 1995. She liked the bag so much that the brand decided to name this model in honor of the duchess a year later.

Meghan’s bag costs over 18,000 zlotys. As one Twitter user noted, Meghan’s model was personalized. In the center of the bag is an inscription consisting of letters which are most likely the initials “DSSOS” and stand for “Duchess of Sussex” (Duchess of Sussex).

I’m not sure if this information went anywhere, but it looks like Lady Dior Meghan’s purse has been personalized with the initials “DSSOS”, which means the Duchess of Sussex, we read.

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Everything points to the fact that even after resigning from the role of senior members of the royal family or the dramas between Meghan and the royals, the wife of Prince Harry is very closely associated with her royal title. The queen won’t take it from her because she embroidered it on her purse. Do you think she did the same with other models?

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