Meghan Markle’s family worked for the British royal family!

Meghan Markle is without a doubt one of the most colorful characters in the British royal family. As the wife of Prince Harry, she gained both sympathizers and opponents who accuse her of having always had a plan to “win the prince”. Rumors have been circulating in the media for some time that the Meghan family was previously associated with the British royal family. Now all doubts have been dispelled. That’s true!

According to The Express, great-great-grandmother Meghan worked at the Windsor Palace in 1856. Mary Bird (because that was her name) was the cook for Queen Victoria. Her name appeared on the Windsor Castle Weekly Accounting Book. It turns out that in those years Meghan’s great-great-great-grandmother was actually in England. There she married Irish shoemaker Thomas Bird, who was also an officer. Mary’s family did not like her chosen ones, so together with Thomas in 1862 they moved to Malta, where they started a family. They had two children,

One of them was great-great-grandmother Meghan, who also had the same name as her mother. When she grew up, she moved to Canada with her children. Mary’s great-grandson is Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle.

Do you think Meghan knew family history before deciding to marry Prince Harry?

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