Meghan Markle’s feet under the surgeon’s magnifying glass. “It requires medical attention.” A feeling of discomfort guaranteed

Another interesting profile has appeared on TikTok. This time we are dealing with a foot surgeon. The doctor decided to start a series in which he will discuss the foot disorders of celebrities from all over the world. Meghan Markle went first. It’s not good.

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Prince Harry’s wife is said to have had three problems. The doctor said that the woman should definitely see a specialist. The Duchess has two bunions. It is the little and the big toe that overlaps the second one. This one is definitely longer than the rest and can put pressure on the shoe.

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Duchess Meghan has two bunions

The surgeon paid special attention to the Duchess’s two bunions, which could cause her a lot of discomfort. The longer toe presses against the tip of the shoe, while the two bunions make the foot much wider. In her position, he would go to a specialist as soon as possible and solve the problem. The operation could improve the comfort of wearing the shoes.

Two bunions make her foot much wider. When the Duchess puts on narrow shoes, the bunions put pressure on both sides and cause great discomfort, says the foot surgeon.

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TikTok users were surprised by Meghan Markle’s diagnosis

Commentators were surprised that the longer finger could be considered a medical condition. The surgeon corrected it immediately. He says it’s a normal thing as long as it doesn’t hurt. TikTok users believe that Meghan Markle’s problems may arise from frequent walking in high-heeled shoes. The Duchess often shows up in them.

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