Meghan Markle’s hairdresser reveals the secret to wow curls

The video of the romantic and delicate kiss that Prince Harry printed on the lips of his beloved wife circulates online Meghan Markle on the stage of the Invictus Games which took place a few weeks ago in The Hague, The Netherlands. For the momentous occasion, the former African American actress sported her iconic casual bun. Under the stage, however, the wonderful Meghan Markle appeared with an equally memorable hair look: soft, sculpted, perfectly elastic and volumized waves, as well as brilliant at the right point. To create the highly feminine and sexy styling was the British hairdresser of the style-loving George Northwood stars undone and a little set and very contemporary elegance (Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller, the two it-girls of the London scene often pass by in her salon). We are lucky because Meghan Markle’s hair guru has revealed the secrets to making the perfect bouncy curls of her royal client. Let’s find out the behind the scenes of this 10 and praise styling.

How to have perfectly wavy hair like Meghan Markle

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At the Invictus Games ceremony Meghan Markle she appeared as a vision: smiling, visibly in love, beautiful as a goddess, with long, soft and very thick dark chocolate brown hair. To the magazine VogueNorthwood explained the steps necessary to create flawless and sumptuous curls. “It is essential to start with a good base, drying your hair gently. If you want to keep the center parting, I recommend drying the front of the hair by bringing it forward. This trick creates a natural, sweeping, wavy movement. Using a curling iron, work all the hair strand by strand, then stopping them away from the face with a clip. Focus your styler work on mid-lengths rather than roots and ends. This way you will get the perfect ring (and not the curly effect). Once the work is finished, untie the locks, comb them as if you were to straighten them and then move the hair with the help of your fingers or using a flat brush. The final touch is given with a serum or a moisturizing cream, to avoid frizz and obtain the perfect shiny and glossy finish “.

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3 wavy hair products like Meghan

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