Meghan Markle’s photo caused a storm on the web. Princess Kate on the cover

  • Meghan Markle has repeatedly stated publicly that before meeting Prince Harry, she knew little about the royal family
  • A photo from years ago, in which the actress poses with a tabloid, was found on the Internet. Princess Kate on the cover
  • Internet users began to speculate that Meghan Markle knew exactly who she was starting to meet and what the history of the royal family was
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In the archival photo Meghan Markle she poses with the Irish U magazine in her hand, alongside the then vice-in-chief, Denise Cash. There is a silhouette on the cover of the magazine Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, later sister-in-law of Meghan. This photo touched Internet users, especially those who accuse the actress of being dishonest and double acting.

Meghan Markle’s photo caused a storm on the web.

The article in the magazine tells about the pregnancy of Princess Kate, and the title on the cover announces (incorrectly, as it turned out later – ed.) That the prince’s couple’s twins will be born. The photo was taken two years before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry while the actress was playing in the TV series “Suits”. Some internet users argue that Meghan then collaborated with this newspaper and simply performed her duties, and there is nothing special in the photo.

Meghan Markle and Denise Cash / Instagram Denise Cash

You can find the rest of the article under the video:

The photo was previously published by Denise Cash on her Instagram. Currently, its new undertone has been made public because of the words of the wife of Prince Harry herself. The Duchess of Sussex has repeatedly stated that she had not previously been aware of how often the royal family is a media hero around the world, and that this fact did not surprise her until she herself became part of the family. Meghan Markle emphasized that, growing up in the United States, she did not know much about the British royal familyshe had never looked for information on Prince Harry or his family, and hadn’t planned anything.

“I grew up in a family that didn’t know much about the royal family. I was naive. My mom recently asked me if Diana had ever given an interview. Now I know you do, famous. But I’ve never looked for information about my husband on the web. I found out everything from Harry. Thank God I didn’t know much about them. (…) I did not fully understand what this job is, what it means to be a working aristocrat. But there was no other way than to learn everything day after day “- Meghan Markle assured in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Photo: Newspix / BE&W Agency

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Oprah Winfrey

Meghan Markle is often accused of having a huge impact on her husband, Prince Harry and the decision to leave the royal family. There are also insinuations that Meghan had long dreamed of marrying a prince, and was to be modeled on Princess Kate and Princess Diana.

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