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His image dancing in a beautiful white tuxedo on the red carpet with Quentin Tarantino climbing the Montee des Marches for Inglourious Basterds is one of the historic postcards of Cannes. It was 2009 and that was one of the roles that internationally consecrated MELANIE LAURENT, the Parisian actress discovered by Gerard Depardieu who made her debut at a very young age in Un pont entre deux rives.
“The advice Gérard Depardieu gave me when I was 14 I still use: Never be afraid of ridicule,” says Melanie Laurent at Cannes. Juror at the festival in 2021, the actress loved by the new French cinema, has also been a director for some years and has already directed five feature films, the last of which Le bal des folles (The dance of the crazy women) was presented at Toronto. Now, after a stop in filming due to the pandemic, he is preparing his first American film produced by a studio: “The Nightingale” with the sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning, from the novel by Kristin Hannah which tells the lives of two sisters who live in France During the Second World War.
“I feel like I’ve used different ways, productions or interpretations of songs, to basically do the same thing: tell stories,” he explained. “I’m preparing an action film as a director and I’m not always taken seriously as a woman, we are much crueler to women who do many different things,” she said arguing that “misogyny is everywhere in the film industry. It remains to be see what to do today to deal with it”.
Times obviously changed as time “we suffered crazy things. During the golden age of Hollywood, actresses had to sleep with the producer or director to work. But today it’s still complicated, to be considered. I still hear stories of senseless harassment that happens on the set. But in reality it has always existed. It’s just that before as actresses we didn’t talk about it,” she said in the talk Women in action.
And at the same time, she explained, you have to be tough, put up a wall to be even. woman should you hide your weaknesses all the time?”
There is a bit of a feminist label on Melanie Laurent, “I don’t make feminist films on purpose, it’s just that I like to film women. And I believe that a woman who films a woman’s body will never do it as a man”.
Her two cinematic heroines are Catherine Deneuve in Jacques Demy’s The Fabulous Tale of Donkey Skin and Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill.
Finally, sisterhood, a term much in use in this period also in the world of cinema which is as if compacted into female groups. “Sisterhood exists, as does the fact that women are sometimes cruel to each other. We have both, it’s in nature.”

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