Melaverde 20 November, Stelvio park, Valtellina, Livigno

All the advances on today’s episode hosted by Ellen Hidding and Vincenzo Venuto.

Green apple returns with the episode of Sunday 20 November. Like every week, this time too, the two hosts on the road are in search of the agricultural and food excellences of our country to make them known to viewers. After last week’s trip, let’s find out where they are today Ellen Hidding And Vincent Venuto. The appointment is on Canale 5 this morning, just before noon. Here are all the previews.
Green Apple November 20 Ellen Hidding

Melaverde 20 November Stelvio National Park

In today’s episode, Sunday 20 November, Green apple takes care of transhumance of the sheep. This term defines the complex of seasonal migrations of livestock from lowland pastures to those in mountainous regions and vice versa. But not only. The episode will introduce viewers to young boys who decide to raise goats and dedicate their future to the countryside and the mountains. We will listen to their motivations which bode well for a generational change. In fact, the two conductors will tell us that there are many young people who choose to work in the fields and in the mountains.

And then, in the Melaverde episode of November 20, we will learn about the beautiful hidden treasures of Stelvio National Park. Located in the heart of the Central Alps, it is a typical high-altitude mountain park that reaches a maximum of 3905 meters above sea level. Thanks to the high average altitudes, it is characterized by a succession of impervious peaks and vast glacial surfaces.

Space also for gastronomy in the episode of Melaverde on 20 November. We will get to know many traditional food and wine products that arise from the history of a territory that has always been confronted with a fascinating but sometimes extreme Nature. A territory that in 2026 will also be the stage for some specialties of the Olympic Games And Paralympics winter events that will take place between Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Stop in Livigno

Melaverde’s journey on 20 November Melaverde continues to discover all that is most beautiful, curious, tasty and unmissable in the northernmost part of Lombardy. That is, in that extreme part of Valtellina where what is now one of the most popular tourist places by Italians and foreigners stands: Livigno. Italian municipality in the province of Sondrio, it is the largest and northernmost in the Lombardy region.

It is part of Alta Valtellina mountain community and is a winter and summer tourist resort in the Alps. It is one of the Italian mountain municipalities with the greatest number of tourists throughout the year. Among the places to visit in the town, the Livigno Museum which preserves ethnographic material and tells the peasant origins of Livigno.

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