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All the previews on today’s episode of the program conducted by Ellen Hidding and Vincenzo Venuto.

Green apple comes back with the episode of June 26, 2022. Like every week, the two hosts on the road go to about the agricultural and food excellences of our country and propose them to the viewers of Channel 5. The appointment is at 11.55 every week. After the episode seven days ago, let’s see where they are today Ellen Hidding And Vincenzo Venuto. Here are all the previews.

Melaverde June 26 conductors

Melaverde June 26 Green House

With the episode of Melaverde of 26 June we go to the discovery of the Green House and one of the possible scenarios of the future. Thirty-one hectares of greenhouses equal to 40 football fields, 220 km of LED lights for winter production, a production site 365 days a year, 70% savings in the area used compared to traditional crops, 70% water savings, 100% green energy from biogas plants. These are just some of the data that characterize a leading company in the production of tomatoes through hi-tech hydroponics.

Hydroponics means that the plants are “soilless”, Inserted in suspended supports made of rock wool and coconut fiber. The hyper-technological iron-glass greenhouses are heated with the hot water produced by the adjacent biogas plants and are illuminated with LED lights, necessary for winter production.

In this way the company recovers power precious and gives life to a virtuous cycle that respects the principles of the circular economy and is good for the environment and agricultural products. The tomatoes produced have obtained certification Nickel Free and are grown without the use of herbicides or glyphosates. And through integrated agriculture that provides “useful insects” to keep pests under control. State-of-the-art software controls the climate, irrigation and humidity of greenhouses. of the Italian economy.

In the province of Reggio Emilia

The episode of Melaverde on June 26 goes today to a rural oasis located in the heart of the province of Reggio Emilia. Here is the largest Italian donkey farm. Are approximately 800 animals that this family-run company raises in a semi-wild state among the hilly meadows and woods of the area. Different breeds, some of which are also quite rare.

Of the 800 donkeys present, only about fifteen are stallions. The rest are females for the production of donkey milk. The breeding system requires the foal to stay with the mother and feed on her milk until weaning. This means that only a minimal amount of the milk produced by the donkeys is taken with milking, about 1.5 liters per day.

The qualities of donkey milk have been known for centuries. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, it is very digestible and it is the most similar to human milk. In this company, the milk is sold fresh or freeze-dried.

There freeze-drying takes place within the same company with a very particular system. Donkey milk is free of casein, a protein necessary for any milk to curdle and then be made into cheese. In this company, after years of attempts, the system was found to curdle the donkey’s milk, and thus a small production of 100% donkey milk cheese, unique in Italy, was started.

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