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It has disappeared a little from the current radar, but the stop on petrol and diesel from 2035 issued by the European Union is always there on the table ready to be implemented. A deadline which has made many profiles turn up their noses, from European (and Italian) politicians to CEOs and presidents of car manufacturers operating in the Old Continent. We know for example that Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Stellantishas repeatedly made it known that he is not a big fan of the mono-technological approach to mobility, yet the group he commands seems to be increasingly geared towards a future on tap.

Stellantis’ goal is to be able to identify a plan that embraces the electric in a complete waythus allowing the company to play as a leader and even anticipate the target of 2035 to 2030. Word of Davide Mele, senior vice president Corporate affairs of Stellantis Italia, who, on the occasion of a round table on the ecological transition within the national congress of Uilm, added: “Stellantis wants to play the challenge as winners, building a clean, safe, connected and accessible car. The costs of this technological transformation are high50% more for the same segment, and enormous investments are required to meet this challenge ”. The electrical transition is about to come to life, and according to Mele up to now it has been faced “in reverse” by many exponents of the sector, but not clearly by Stellantis.

“We embrace the transition but let’s not forget that it is there Euro 7 legislation which forces companies to invest in the internal combustion engine which will die in 2035. So, if we actually look at the reasoning we are doing, in reality 2027 will already be a year in which the internal combustion engine will die. From this point of view we ask for one revision euro 7 “concluded the senior vice president Corporate affairs of the Italian division of the group born from the merger between FCA and PSA.

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