Meloni Government, Bassetti Minister of Health? His reaction to rumors and his political views

Among the different names vying to be part of the future Meloni government there is also that of the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti: his statements

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After the victory of Brothers of Italy and the coalition of center right at Political Elections 2022has already left the toto-ministers for the future Meloni government. Among the names at stake, for the role of new Minister of Health, there is also that of Matteo Bassettidirector of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa.

The infectious disease specialist himself commented on this hypothesis during a recent interview.

Bassetti Minister of Health? The comment of the infectious disease specialist

In an interview granted to ‘Il Giornale’, to a specific question about a hypothetical call by Giorgia Meloni to appoint him as the new health minister, Matteo Bassetti replied: “He didn’t call me. If she does, we’ll see …“.

The infectious disease specialist then added on the first thing the new Minister of Health should do: “Make the Covid bulletin. And then change how the virus is monitoredto count Covid patients who go to hospital and resuscitation and exclude those who are positive with mild symptoms “.

Matteo Bassetti gave “4”To the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, however, specifying that “he also paid for sins not his own, of consultants who defended a health care conservatism by now obsolete”. According to the infectious disease specialist, “Dragons instead it deserves a 8 full: in 2021 he did an exceptional job, he reopened the country against the opinion of many “.

Matteo Bassetti also commented on the name of Alberto Zangrilloalso at stake as a possible future Minister of Health: “It is a real doctor, of great valuewho works and knows the system “.

Matteo Bassetti and the previous statements on Giorgia Meloni

On 23 September, a few hours after the vote for the 2022 Political Elections, Matteo Bassetti had commented on the sentence pronounced by Giorgia Meloni during the closing of her electoral campaign (“Italy will no longer be the experiment of the Chinese model. No to Hope model “).

At the ‘Adnkronos’ agency, the director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa said “in agreement with Giorgia Meloni“. And he added: “I have been fighting the Chinese Covid-0 model for 2 years, that is zero contagion. It is a total failure. To think of deporting people, as China is doing, is absurd. I do not forget that for a certain period in Italy someone pursued the Covid-0 model, I remember very well Professor Walter Ricciardi who was a consultant to Minister Speranza: he has repeatedly said that one had to be inspired by that Covid-0 model. “.

A year ago, on 10 September 2021, Matteo Bassetti himself, in an interview with ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’, spoke of no vax and politics. When asked “Why are vaccines a leftist thing?”, He replied: “Someone on the other side did not understand the importance of vaccines.” Then, replying to the interviewer, she replied “I don’t think Meloni and Salvini didn’t understand it. I no vax vote. That’s all ”, Bassetti added:“ The game is not worth the candle. Ideologically I’m on that side, but this one war against science makes me feel like an orphan. And like me many center-right people“. Then he confided: “I am a liberalI have voted Forza Italia and also Renzi when he was in the Democratic Party“.

Giorgia Meloni and that tweet about Matteo Bassetti

A tweet by Giorgia Meloni in which Matteo Bassetti and his ideas on the management of Covid dates back to a few months earlier, that is to April 2021. This is the message of the leader of the Brothers of Italy: “Even for the virologist Matteo Bassetti the risk of contagion outdoors is zero. Stop wasting time, let’s reopen to come back to life. Italy must get up and start again ”.

Giorgia Meloni and the electoral program of the Brothers of Italy in X-rays: what she promised during the campaign

Photo source: ANSA

Giorgia Meloni and the electoral program of the Brothers of Italy in X-rays: what she promised during the campaign

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