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Pier Ferdinando Casini

There is talk of the victory of Giorgia Meloni in the elections by Veronica Gentili a Countercurrent, on Rete 4, in the episode of 5 October, e Pier Ferdinando Casini, a guest in the studio praises her: “Giorgia Meloni won the elections in an overwhelming way”, he begins. “Meloni who is an intelligent person, you understand the difficulties you face and behave as a responsible person, but how will the government respond to these challenges?”.

In this sense, Casini continues, “it is inevitable that” the leader of the Brothers of Italy will rely on Mario Draghi, he is the one who negotiated the problems in Europe and tomorrow they will be on his table “.

I will not let those names be imposed on me: the diktat of Meloni that changes the government team

So he intervenes Ernesto Galli della Loggia: “Meloni is moving in the wake of the practice of all democracies, there is a change in image, discreet personality, she has ordered her party to keep a low profile”. And Alessandro Giuli he adds that “when you take 26 percent it is to govern and not to overthrow the system”. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, she concludes, “she is sending the message ‘we are ready to show that we know how to govern'”.

It is not too late: Germany attempts a coup against Meloni

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