Melons against citizenship income: a total failure


The leader of the Brothers of Italy posted a video on Facebook entitled “Ready to fight poverty by investing in work”. Meanwhile, the M5s parliamentarians (record with 50 thousand voters) go ahead with 86.5% to the “list” proposed by the M5S president Giuseppe Conte, containing 15 names to be included as a priority in one or more multi-member constituencies as candidates in the next elections September 25.

M5S parliamentarians, Conte: “New movement course opens up to civil society”
  • Berlusconi: acquittal sentences will not be appealable

    “Today we start talking about justice. In Italy, thousands of people are arrested and tried every year despite being innocent. The trial is already a penalty, which affects the accused, but also his family, his friends, his work. This is why he must not drag himself on indefinitely, in appeals and counter-appeals. When we govern, the sentences of acquittal, of first or second degree, will not be appealable. A citizen – once recognized innocent – has the right not to be persecuted forever ». He writes it on Fb Silvio Berlusconi in his daily pill.

  • Calenda: change the Pnrr? A ridiculous thing

    Change the Pnrr? “It can only be done in the presence of impeding conditions. It is not that it can be done because Salvini wants to abolish »and Fornero or to make quota 25. This thing here is ridiculous. To the Italians I say: you have heard Berlusconi offer dentures, Salvini do the flat tax, Meloni say Italy first of all against Europe, how will he talk about the PNRR in Europe? We will do things seriously ». This was stated by Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, guest of Skytg24.

  • Zan: on with the egalitarian marriage

    “First of all, win, then resubmit the Zan bill and the proposal on egalitarian marriage: the Democratic Party has the rights in its DNA”. This was declared to ‘La Repubblica’ by the deputy dem Alessandro Zan who gave his name to the law against homotransphobia stopped by the Senate. The entire Democratic Party supports egalitarian marriage, “it’s on the program,” explains the deputy. “The underlying principle is that there are no Serie A and Serie B citizens. For same-sex couples, an inequality of treatment is now established.” “Letta was decisive – says the activist for LGBT rights – to insert egalitarian marriage into the dem program, which is a point from which there is no turning back”.

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