Memes about Dallas Cowboys being humiliated by Green Bay Packers

Again, not an ideal year dallas cowboys Breaking the long-term championship-less situation National Football LeagueSince falling in the wild-card round of the 2023-24 season on their home court green bay packerswas one of the teams that was able to dominate in the playoffs against them, so much so that the fans gave up several of their best players meme.

It’s been 28 years since the Lone Star last won a championship super bowlSocial media users didn’t miss the opportunity, mocking and pointing out the gravity of the new defeat with plenty of creativity, adding that they fell by a very wide margin to a team with the lowest average age in playoff history.

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complete humiliation

From a reference to fans who believe cowboy Able to win the championship, videos of different situations reflected their mentality when they saw new failures. The material quickly overwhelmed everyone. Social networkespecially when we remember that the team had the second-best record in the league national conference.

Now, it’s time for the team to get back to thinking hard about how to turn around a long history of failures, questionable decisions, embarrassing results and mass ridicule to claim a new title. At the same time, they must navigate the vast ocean. Memes.

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