Men and women, fear for Ida Platano: hospitalized

Fear for Ida Platano, the hairdresser from Brescia protagonist of the throne over of Men and Women. Disappeared on social media for several hours, the lady of the broadcast of Maria De Filippi told on Instagram that she had a health problem, which led her straight to the hospital …

Perhaps the most attentive fans will have noticed it: these days Ida Platanoone of the leading ladies of the throne over from Men and womenit is practically disappeared come on social. A very strange fact, given that Ida, during the summer, he did nothing but tell about his days spent with his son Samuel, between sea, food and pampering evenings.

But suddenly Ida Platano he stopped sharing everything with his followers and his activity on social it practically stopped. It was clear that there must be an important reason behind it, which was revealed yesterday evening. There lady from Men and women he didn’t publish anything because he couldn’t …

Men and Women: Is Ida Platano sick?

Ida plantain (1)

With a story posted on Instagram, Ida Platano he put in alarm all his fans. In the photo taken by the lady you can see the woman’s wrist wrapped in the classic bracelet that is assigned to patients waiting to be visited, while a room stands out in the background hospital. Next to Ida Platano a bag, perhaps the signal that the lady of Men and Women still did not know if it would be hospitalized or not.

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In any case, without going into detail, Ida Platano he confessed that he is not well and hopes that the alarm will return soon:

Hello my beautiful. I wanted to tell you that I have not disappeared, I do not feel good… It will pass! I will be back soon, a hug.

From this message, which dates back to yesterday evening, there has been no more update from Ida Platano, who perhaps is undergoing the necessary visits and treatment, to try to get back in shape as soon as possible. What happened to the lady from Men and women?

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