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Maria De Filippi’s dating show once again experienced a terrible confession. A well-known face of the program told herself as she never did.

Many are those who have remained upset when Nicole Conte and Ciprian Aftim they broke up.

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This was a situation seen as a lightning in the clear sky since the two seem to be very united and close-knit. Everything seemed to proceed in the right way to the point that the happiness printed on the face of was evident Nicole Conte.

The news of the breakup

But, at any moment there comes terrible indiscretionthe news that was then made official by the woman herself. Interviewed by Fanpage microphones, Nicole he finally wanted to clarify the situation so as to silence every rumor and false news.

The first thing he wanted to underline is that there hasn’t been in their history nothing builtsomething that many have been able to think because they have little posted on social media everything related to moments of theirs relation together.

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This was something she really wanted because she had no intention of finding visibility but only to be happy together with your loved one. Andrea Nicole Conte continues by stating that she has tried in every way to save the day but, when one goes to publicly announce the presence of one crisis, enter several external factors that make the situation even more tragic.

“The cut-off point comes a few weeks ago. You imposed a definitive stop on me, there were no longer the conditions to continue. “ These are the words of Andrea Nicoletti that we can also read on the portal.
A situation that brought her, however, in front of a real one collapseMy roots are my family, I returned to Milan precisely to regain my stability. This is a period of psychophysical recovery. For the past two months I have had a strong meltdown, I lost a lot of weighta lot of hair “.
In short, the love story on which many had bet, did not have the desired outcome and now Andrea Nicole Conte and Ciprian Aftim are single again.

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