Men of War 2 announced. A strategy with a “cinematic momentum” in the campaign

Next year, there will be another proposal on the market that may be of interest to strategy enthusiasts. Best Way studio is developing Men of War 2 – the first information about the game sounds quite promising. The title will invite players to the eastern and western fronts of World War II.

Men of War 2 is the latest real-time strategy that the publisher will offer “More units with different specializations, extraordinary historical fidelity and a new level of visual and sound experience”. The studio will combine the most important elements of the series, thus offering intense clashes that will take players to the fronts of World War II.

In Men of War 2, we will lead dozens of historical units, each with its own equipment. During the gameplay, you will be able to use combat strategies and use an ever-changing environment, cover or a wide range of options – all with one goal: compete with the rebuilt and ruthless artificial intelligence that has been refined.

The story covers two main campaigns – the Allies and the Soviets – depicting the struggle against the military might of the Third Reich. The game will have a “cinematic momentum”:

“From the first desperate and brutal battles of World War II to significant victories on the road to Berlin, stand alongside war heroes and their comrades as you march through snow-covered Soviet hills and villages, European fields and city ruins.”

The studio also did not forget about network competition and cooperation. Fans of the strategy will fight together against other players or face advanced AI – the struggle takes place on realistic maps.

In Men of War II you’ll find the most comprehensive and detailed collection of World War II locations, vehicles and characters in the series. Three sides of the conflict, 45 battalions, over 300 vehicles and full mod support were included.

Source: Press release: Cenega

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