Mercedes A-Class: a refresh to the look and lots of technology

CHANGE LITTLE BUT FOR BETTER – “Refreshed” in some elements of the bodywork and even more technological, with a richer standard equipment in terms of comfort and safety. And greater attention to the environment, with the use of recycled materials for some parts of the passenger compartment. Four years after its debut, the Mercedes A-Class it is renewed inside and out, but without upsetting. The facelift, in fact, only modifies some details. Like the grille, redesigned with a star pattern, the openings on the front bumper and the new rear diffuser. The look is completed by new wheels with dimensions up to 19 inches, LED rear lights as standard on all models and a wider range of exterior colors.

MORE ACCESSORIES AND MORE “GREEN” – The inside of the Mercedes A-Class now offers as standard, among other things, the reversing camera, the USB package and the independent dual screen, previously intended for the richer versions. The 7-inch digital instrument panel is flanked by the 10.25-inch display located in the center at the top of the dashboard, above the three circular air conditioning vents. Also the steering wheel, covered in leather for all versions, and the seats, lined on the “base” models with a refined three-dimensional embossed fabric, which gives a greater sense of sportiness to the passenger compartment, are also newly designed. Inside there is also no shortage of recycled materials, such as some parts of the seats, made with 65% to 100% recycled fabrics.

EVEN MORE TECHNOLOGICAL – The renewed Mercedes A-Class it also benefits from a substantial update regarding on-board services: the latest generation of the multimedia system MBUX is even easier and more intuitive to use, thanks to the touchscreen function that allows you to interact with the graphic interface without the need to use the “old” touchpad, now absent in the center console. As on the pre-restyling model, thanks to the Android Auto and Apple Carplay systems, the driver can access some apps installed on the smartphone from the screen. New, however, the USB-C port, which is paired with a more powerful USB charging socket. The functionality of the Hey Mercedes voice assistant has also been enhanced, which is able not only to explain the main functions of the vehicle, but also the less obvious ones, such as the search for the first aid kit on board.

DRIVING AID IS ALSO IMPROVED – The Mercedes A-Class it also improves in terms of safety. With the new driver assistance package, for example, the electronic lane keeping system acts on the steering and no longer on the braking, making driving more comfortable. The new parking package offers, among other things, a 360-degree panorama with 3D images.

NEW ALSO FOR ENGINES – Fully electrified, the engine range of the Mercedes A-Class includes four-cylinder units with 7 or 8-speed DCT automatic transmission as standard. The light hybrid versions are equipped with a 48-volt auxiliary electrical system capable of providing an additional 13 hp in starts, also allowing you to sail with the thermal engine off when traveling at constant speed. The new belt starter also allows the battery to be recharged during braking, recovering energy to support the petrol engine during acceleration. More powerful and efficient, the plug-in hybrid powertrains can count on an improved high-voltage battery that increases the electric range. The power of the current motor is now 109 hp. To recharge the battery from 10% to 80% in direct current (with a maximum power of 22 kW) it takes about 25 minutes.

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