Mercedes-AMG One, start of production and deliveries from the end of 2022 – Trials and News

Good news for customers who had ordered an example of the 275 Mercedes-AMG Ones from the Formula 1 hypercar program. the first One will be delivered in this second half of 2022. We remind you that the final price is close to 2.4 million euros but that reservations are the subject of confidential negotiations between collectors that also exceed 4.5 million euros. For this model of absolute excellence, the company makes use of various production units.

The hybrid powertrain which consists of a 1.6-liter turbo V6 engine – based on the Formula 1 car – and four electric units is manufactured by the motorsport experts of Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth (England), the responsible company development and production of power units for Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 racing cars. For the production of the complete vehicle, a site was implemented in Coventry, UK, where AMG collaborated with production partner Multimatic to create a small series production plant dedicated to the One.

In this regard Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes ‑ AMG GmbH recalled that the Mercedes ‑ AMG One “is the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken, from development to production. It marks another milestone in Mercedes ‑ AMG’s successful strategic development towards an electrified future of driving performance. The production of the exclusive small series is a truly unique challenge as, for the first time, the hypercar brings the current Formula 1 hybrid technology almost seamlessly from track to road and combines blistering performance with exemplary efficiency ”. The unique car production is completed by hand in a total of 16 assembly and testing stations.

Many work steps are reminiscent of the production of high-quality luxury watches: some subsystems are first pre-assembled and tested for operation, then disassembled again and only subsequently installed in the vehicle. This applies, for example, to the carbon fiber monocoque with bonded roof and all moving body parts, which are also made of a light and stable, but also expensive material. The entire outer skin is the first to be fully assembled, checked, disassembled and painted.

In the next assembly step, the powertrain and body are assembled. Note that the 1.6 liter V6 turbo engine, high voltage battery and four electric machines are previously hot tested on Brixworth’s test rigs to ensure they are perfect and performing, in exactly the same process that is done. with Mercedes Formula 1 Power Units. In total, more than 50 specialists work on every single Mercedes ‑ AMG One.

After each station, there are in-depth quality checks based on defined characteristics, resulting in extensive documentation of the production process. This is complemented by the latest Industry 4.0 production methods, which Mercedes ‑ AMG also uses at its Affalterbach site for the production of AMG engines. The final stage of production is marked by launch at a nearby test bed, where every Mercedes ‑ AMG One is subjected to final acceptance testing by a factory tester. As soon as their approval is given, the vehicle is equipped with suitable transport protection and moved in a closed truck to the Mercedes-AMG headquarters in Affalterbach.

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