Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton don’t play fair? Serious accusations

The excitement is rising ahead of the F1 season finale. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have chances of winning the title. Serious accusations against the British and his team were made by Bernie Ecclestone, longtime F1 boss.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton (behind)

Press materials / Red Bull / Pictured: Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton (back)

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have the same number of points. The driver, who will score the most points in Sunday’s Abu Dhabi GP, will become Formula 1 world champion. The pressure is overwhelming, as evidenced by recent events in the Saudi Jeddah race. According to Bernie Ecclestone, this is also evidence of the “unfair” game of Mercedes and its stars.

– Max is a kid compared to Lewis. The worst part is that Lewis is waging a massive, public campaign against him. He and the team were putting pressure on Max all the time, and the race director and the judges were watching it all, Bernie Ecclestone told AFP.

– There was even a situation when Toto Wolff went to the judges’ room during the race. Max has more than a race to drive away. He also has Hamilton and Mercedes on his back, who intimidate him and do not play fair. It’s a psychological game, ‘added the longtime F1 boss.

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The 91-year-old believes that Hamilton is the favorite for the championship in the current situation. The Briton won the last three races and gained a psychological advantage. In addition, Mercedes has improved its car and gained speed compared to Red Bull Racing. – Max has a few years of racing behind him, but he has no experience like Lewis – assessed the British.

“ Lewis has built up a character for himself and is aware that in recent years he has regularly beaten Mercedes, which has become the dominant force in F1. This made him much stronger compared to Max. For the Dutchman, this is the first season he has had a car that allows him to win regularly, added Ecclestone.

The former F1 boss hopes that on Sunday who is the best will win, but adds that luck could play a role. – It’s good for sports. In previous years, people knew who would win. Now an amazing season is behind us. Good thing we had something else. There is nothing wrong with Lewis’s eventual next success. He gave it his all, but had a lot of help with it, the 91-year-old noted.

If Hamilton becomes the champion on Sunday, it will be his eighth title. In this respect, no one will be able to compare with the British. However, this will not change Ecclestone’s view that he does not consider his younger compatriot to be the best driver of all time in F1.

– Juan Manuel Fangio was not lucky years ago because he could never stay in a team forever. At the beginning of F1, drivers had one-year contracts and they changed teams every now and then. There is also Alain Prost, whom I have always considered the best. He drove the car alone, without any help. He had to take care of everything himself during the race and he always had competitive team partners, Ecclestone said.

– Currently, every driver receives enormous help. In my opinion, when the lights go out, he should be alone in the car. Meanwhile, people from the pit lane or factory in England or Italy tell them everything they should do, he concluded.

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