Mercedes killed his electrician. Something completely different is on the way

On December 31, Mercedes finished production of its electric crossover in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. This means that the smart EQ ForFour is dead and will not return. The brand, a 50:50 joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely, is preparing something completely different.

The production of Smart EQ ForFour has come to an end

According to information from Electrive, the line of two electric models, consisting of the smart EQ fortwo and the smart EQ forfour, is in the phase-out phase, the production of the smart EQ forfour has completely ended. Only his cousin Renault Twingo ZE remained on the market.

The only electric smart still available on the European market is the smart EQ fortwo, offered in coupe and convertible versions. Mercedes and Geely will jointly develop completely new electric cars. Mercedes-Benz will handle the design and Geely will handle the engineering and production in China.

According to reports, the new smarts will be larger (more in the style of the MINI BMW Group). The first new crossovers will appear this year.


Mercedes closed orders in August and gave a glimpse into the future at the fair

The concept of the new smart– Concept # 1, was shown by Mercedes at the IAA 2021 in Germany. Recently, design patents related to the production version have appeared.

The new car is based on the Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform. The same is used by a completely new premium brand – Zeekr (production started in October).

Geely has signed a partnership agreement with Mercedes. As part of it, the German manufacturer makes the brand, and the Chinese offer the platform, technology, batteries, electrification and the entire production structure. This only strategy to save Smart thus gives rise to a completely new vehicle.

Mercedes and Geely will produce the new smart

The electric model that will replace the EQ Forfour will be much longer, wider and more attractive. These arguments are to make the new electric car more attractive so that it gains a customer,

Despite the fact that the first forms of Smart SUV were shown at the fair in Germany, the serial model will not appear on the market until 2023. While the new pre-production version offers 130 km in WLTP, the 4-seater smart with a tiny 17.6 kWh battery is quietly leaving the stage.

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